Parasite Control Resources

Despite opportunities for success in small ruminant production, parasite control and anthelmintic resistance are major problems faced by producers. In order to help producers address the challenges of internal parasites on farm, the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (ACSRPC) was formed. This group includes a number of research scientists, extension specialists and veterinarian parasitologists.  The objective has been to develop research-based options to make up a toolbox of practices for controlling internal parasites on farms.

Please visit their website at for more information.  The timely articles are quite interesting and informative! Please let me know if you have more questions related to the topics discussed.

One of the biggest obstacle to a profitable small ruminant industry is the incidence of parasite infections and emerging resistance of these parasites to traditionally used drugs. The objective of the Northeast Small Ruminant Parasite Control Program is to improve the parasite control practices of farmers in New England. As part of the program, they have developed three instructional videos.  They include

  • Why and How To Do FAMACHA© Scoring
  • Why and How To Do Sheep and Goat Fecal Egg Counts and microscope crash course
  • Got Worms? Improving Small Ruminant Parasite Control in New England – 2 hour workshop on Integrated Parasite Control viewed by chapter (Chapters 1 – 5).

Please visit for these videos and for more information about the Northeast Small Ruminant Parasite Control Program.

Dahlia O’Brien, Associate Professor/Small Ruminant Specialist

Virginia State University, Cooperative Extension



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