Department of Corrections Doe Sale

The Virginia Department of Corrections is seeking mature female does, large kids or yearling does to help establish their commercial goat program.  They prefer Boer cross, Kiko, or other meat goat. The marketing committee wishes to help fill this need in the hopes of establishing a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

The sale will be Saturday November 1, 2014.  Pricing is $2.15 per pound for large weaned female kids (not to exceed $175.00 per kid) and $175.00 per head for young (1st or 2nd kid) proven does.

If you wish to participate in this opportunity, please respond by October 23, 2014 with the of animals you have available now, type of animal (example yearling, young doe), and indicate principal breed or crossbreed.

To report animals you wish to sell call Debbie 434-470-0550 or 434-735-8759 and leave a message.

If you have other questions call Bill Crews at 434-222-8814.

The DOC has requested a count of animals for the sale.  If you have animals for the sale, please call ASAP.



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