Special Pricing/Availability on Goat Feed

SVMGA member Sheila Dodd Jones of Dodd’s Farm Supply in Brookneal, is offering reduced prices on several Purina Noble Goat feeds/minerals to association members.  As discussed at the March 2014 SVMGA business meeting, we are posting these items for your consideration:
  1. Noble Goat Dairy Parlor 18–an all natural pelleted feed formulated for optimum milk production in lactating dairy goats @$14.85 per 50# bag
  2. Noble Goat Grower 16 DQ–16% protein @$14.65 per 50# bag
  3. Noble Goat Grower 16 Rumensin–16% protein with Rumensin or Decoquinate for the prevention of coccidiosis @$16.00 per 50# bag
  4. Goat Block @ $11.85
  5. Goat Chow Mineral @$13.85 per 25# bag
If enough people call to order these items, Sheila will begin to “deliver” to our meeting site on our meeting nights. She also has wormers, shavings, baler twine and fertilizers that can be included in the delivery. Please contact her at 434-376-5901 or 434-391-4026 to place orders or for questions. Delivery will depend upon the number of orders; otherwise, individuals will need to pick these supplies up at the Brookneal store.

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