Meeting Minutes, Treasurer’s Report and 2013 Sales Recap

The minutes from the February 2014 SVMGA business meeting can be viewed here.  SVMGA treasurer Gail Kingman also put together a recap of sales for 2013.  You will find the details in the business meeting minutes.  In 2013, over a thousand animals were sold through SVMGA consignment sales for almost $80,000 dollars of revenue.  SVMGA should be proud!

Here is the treasurer’s report for January and February 2014:

Beginning Balance:          $2,815.38
Sales Fees                          $59.00
Scrapie Tags                     $4.00
Late Registration fees    $10.00
Dues                                    $530.00
Total Receipts:                 $603.00
None                                        -0-

Balance as of 2/27/14:     $3,418.38

Submitted by:
Gail Kingman, Treasurer


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