SVMGA Elects New Officers

SVMGA elected new officers for 2014 at the 1-23-14 business meeting:

President – Fontaine Talley
First Vice President – Dave Snyder
Second Vice President – Greg Wade
Secretary – Bonnie Brown
Treasurer – Gail Kingman
At-Large Member – David Hudson

Click here to read the minutes of the meeting.

Treasurer Gail Kingman has served SVMGA flawlessly for four years and did not want to commit to a fifth, yet no one would volunteer to take the job. Instead of leaving the organization without a treasurer, Gail agreed to serve another year. This is unfair to Gail. SVMGA needs volunteers, and if no one will step up, the future of the organization is in doubt. Please consider becoming the SVMGA treasurer and give Gail a much-deserved break.

A special thanks to Denise Hudson for her two years as president of SVMGA. Despite numerous responsibilities on her farm, Denise was generous with her time, offering inventive ideas and energetic leadership. She helped mold SVMGA into a mature organization as well as a “lean, mean, selling machine” for goat and sheep producers. She has been a tireless promoter and goodwill ambassador for SVMGA, presenting the organization’s values and mission to local officials, producers and the general public. Denise’s tenure has been invaluable to the success of SVMGA. We all owe here a HUGE thank you!



One Response to SVMGA Elects New Officers

  1. Bonnie Brown says:

    We also owe debts of gratitude to Donna Strange for continuing to be our Program Chairperson and to Bill Crews and Debbie and Kathy Duffer who have served on the Marketing Committee for years, as well as Alan and Leslie Keck who have provided invaluable technical support for years. And that’s just to name a few. As a “cooperative organization”, we should not be relying on the same members over and over to do the work that benefits the entire membership. With a membership roster at an all time high, surely there are members out there who recognize the need to step forward and begin helping out before these folks burn out completely and the organization, which provides such a great opportunity for profiting from the sale of our livestock, just fades away.

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