SVMGA Supports Construction of USDA-Inspected Abattoir in Halifax County

Last week I was contacted by Leah Brown requesting a letter of support from our organization (for a multi-species USDA-inspected slaughter and meat processing facility in Halifax County).  After discussing the request with the other Board Members, we decided to provide a letter of support.

The following is a copy of the letter for membership review.

Denise Hudson


February 3, 2013

Southern Virginia Meat Goat Association
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
102 Governor Street
Richmond, VA  23219

RE: Letter of Support

The Southern Virginia Meat Goat Association (SVMGA) supports the general notion of a multi-species USDA Inspected Slaughter and Meat Processing Facility being located in the County of Halifax, Virginia.  Although SVMGA has not been involved in the official discussions regarding this proposed facility, we understand that the planning is in its infancy, and were recently told that the County of Halifax is seeking funding from VDACS to underwrite a feasibility study.

Our organization has a vested interest in ensuring that our members have a wide range of marketing avenues for their livestock.  Although there are USDA Inspected Facilities within a reasonable distance of our members, our area sorely lacks the capacity to fill requests for niche and specialty meat products.  For a facility to be useful for our members it would need to have the capacity to slaughter and process multi-species livestock to include small ruminants, the capability to produce halal and kosher meat products, and the potential to produce value-added smoked meat products.

Should there be questions or the need for additional input, please feel free to contact our organization.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise S. Hudson
SVMGA President Elect
CC:         Leah Brown, Halifax County Agriculture Development Director
                Jim Halasz, Halifax County Administrator
                Halifax County Board of Supervisors



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