Upcoming SVMGA Elections

Seasons greetings SVMGA members! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the holiday season.

Although we take a break from SVMGA meetings this time of year, there is still some business to think about before we reconvene in January. As you know, our annual election of officers takes place during the January meeting, so the nominating committee needs to develop a proposed slate of officers by then. For those who have not reviewed the by-laws lately, the offices and basic responsibilities include:*

  • President – Presides at all meetings, appoints committees, is ex-officio member of all committees.
  • 1st Vice President – Presides at meetings in absence of president; assumes duties of president in case of vacancy.
  • 2nd Vice President – Presides at meetings in absence of president or 1st VP.
  • Secretary – Gives notice of meetings; keeps records of proceedings and presents minutes at meetings.
  • Treasurer – Maintains financial records, submits treasurer’s report at each meeting, collects dues, pays bills and manages funds.
  • “At Large” members (up to 3) – attend board meetings as representative of general membership.

* All officers and “At Large” members serve on the Board of Directors of the Association.

While the nominating committee is required to bring a proposed slate of officers to the January meeting, nominations for any office can also be made from the floor at that meeting, with the consent of the nominee and if the nominee is qualified. (President and VP’s must be commercial goat producers and not have served more than two consecutive terms in the office for which they are being nominated.)

We have had a a fantastic group of officers this year and have seen the organization continue to grow in membership and visibility as a result. SVMGA has established a great reputation in the regional agricultural community and we can thank the outstanding leadership of our officers and the volunteer efforts of our members for that. While some of the incumbent officers have agreed to stay on for another term, a few find they need to step down. We have volunteers for several of the offices. However, we still need volunteers for the office of Secretary and for our “At Large” members.

Thanks to the excellent work of Leslie Keck, our outgoing secretary, we have very effective, streamlined processes in place for performing the the job of secretary, which could be a big assist for someone assuming that position. He or she would have the option of using these tools (thanks Leslie!), or of using his or her own methods of fulfilling the responsibilities of the job.

The position of “At Large” member is a good opportunity for new folks to become more acquainted with the workings of the organization and get to know more of the members. It’s a great way to get more involved and a step toward possibly chairing a committee or serving as an officer in the future. We had one “At Large” board member last year, which has worked out very well. That position is vacant and we can have up to three if there is interest.

Please give some thought to serving this organization as secretary or as an “At Large” member. Our continued success depends on members stepping up to take leadership roles and bringing fresh viewpoints and ideas. If you are at all interested or just have questions, please e:mail or call one of the nominating committee members:

Bonnie Brown
(434) 476-6166
Gail Kingman
(434) 376-9645

Thanks for your consideration and may you and your families have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bonnie Brown



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