Message From SVMGA’s President

SVMGA’s last meeting of the year will occur on October 25th at 6:30.  There will a brief business meeting and discussion of the upcoming sale, and then our annual end of year potluck.  All are encouraged to attend and bring your favorite covered dish to share. Hudson Heritage Farms will bring a big pot of goat stew for everyone to sample.

As a reminder it is that time of year again when we need to start thinking about next year’s SVMGA Board of Directors.  Bonnie Brown along with Gail Kingman will be presenting the slate of candidates at our January 2013 opening meeting.  We are going to need new Board Members, so if you are interested in joining the Board please contact Bonnie or Gail.  As our organization continues to grow we will need additional help with not only the Board positions, but various standing and special Committees.  Since we are a volunteer organization our success is directly tied to the strength and commitment of our members.  I encourage each of you to consider getting involved.



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