Goat Experts at Farmers Market Grand Opening

Want to learn more about Goats and Goat Farming in Halifax County?  Then attend the Halifax Farmers Market Grand Opening on June 23rd, from 8:00 to 12:00.  Members of the Southern Virginia Meat Goat Association (SVMGA) will be present to meet with folks interested in exploring their options for goat farming on the Southside.  SVMGA members will have live animals for viewing, information about goats and related products, and goat meat and goat cheese will be available for sampling.

Several SVMGA experienced goat farmers will be on hand to meet with the public and discuss goat farming.  Ned Strange, one of the original members of SVMGA and long-time goat farmer will be on hand to talk with the public. Ned, retired from the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services, and now spends much of his time between two farms; one in Vernon Hill and one in Alton. He has been a livestock producer for over 50 years focusing on a natural and sustainable approach to livestock production while preserving the viability and appearance of the land. He currently has 90-100 commercial Angus cattle co-mingled with approximately 80 Boer goats.  Bonnie Brown, a retired engineer and local woman goat farmer, whom recently introduced the Spanish Goat an endangered Heritage Breed to her farm, will also be on hand to talk with folks about goats and stock selection.  Debbie Duffer and her sister Kathy will have a Boer Goat available for viewing and will be on hand to talk about their experiences raising goats on the Southside.

Ned Strange and his goats

The Southern Virginia Meat Goat Association (SVMGA) was established to improve the economic viability of the meat goat industry in Southside Virginia through the development of cooperative marketing strategies, consumer and producer education and overall herd improvement. SVMGA provides educational programs to its members and interested parties.  Interaction with SVMGA members provide opportunities to learn about feeds, forages and supplements, internal and external parasites, breeding schedules, goat breeds and available livestock, current research, and valuable goat marketing strategies.

Denise Hudson, President SVMGA



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