May Consignment Sale Report

May 29, 2012

The May SVMGA Consignment Sale was a success!  One hundred and eight animals were sold.  To view the complete sale report, click here.



Coyote Seminar Offered

May 26, 2012

Predators are a serious concern for all livestock owners, especially goat producers.  In Halifax County, the coyote has become one of the most prevalent and troublesome predators.

In response, The Halifax County Extension Office is offering a Coyote Seminar, where experts will share facts about this elusive animal and methods for controlling the damage it causes.

The seminar will be held Friday, June 15, 6:00 p.m. at the Scottsburg Fire Department, 3050 Scottsburg Road, Scottsburg, VA 24589.  There is no charge for the seminar (although donations to the Scottsburg Fire Department are welcome) and it is open to the general public.

For more information or to pre-register, contact the Halifax County Extension Office at 434-476-2147 or e-mail

You can also download the seminar flyer here.


May Newsletter Posted

May 22, 2012

The May 2011 SVMGA newsletter has been posted.  You can access it from our Newsletters page, or simply click here.


NASS Official to Speak at May Meeting

May 22, 2012

Herman Ellison, director of Virginia’s Field Office of the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), will be the featured speaker at the SVMGA business meeting, May 24, 7:00 p.m. at the Halifax County Ag Center.

Ellison, who began his career with the USDA in South Carolina, will talk about the data NASS collects and how this information helps goat and sheep producers better market their products, stay current with industry trends and know when it’s best to “grow” their businesses.

After graduating from Tennessee State University, Ellison began a full-time career with the USDA and has since worked in South Carolina and Nebraska before moving to NASS Headquarters in Washington, DC in 1998. During that period, Ellison was responsible for the national estimates for peanuts and rice, and in 2002 he led the national soybean and minor oilseeds estimating programs. A graduate of the USDA Executive Potential Program, he was appointed Deputy Director in Trenton, New Jersey in November 2004, and in 2010 was appointed director of Virginia’s Field Office in Richmond.

Members and others interested persons are invited to attend.


Upcoming Consignment Sale Prices

May 22, 2012

The Southern Virginia Meat Goat Association is having a meat goat consignment sale on May 26, 2012. The sale starts at 7:00 A.M. and ends at 10:30 A.M.  The sale will be held at the Halifax County Agricultural Marketing Center, 1001 Farmway Lane (Route 922), Halifax, VA 24558.

Prices are as follows:

No. 1 and No. 2 kids 35-70 pounds – $1.80/pound
Yearlings < 100 pounds – $1.50/pound
Does – $0.80/pound
Bucks – $0.90/pound
Lambs -$1.70/pound
Ewes – $0.75/pound
Rams – $0.85/pound
Commission Fees: $1 per head for SVMGA members. $5 per head for non-members. You can join SVMGA at the sale and pay the member fee. For more info about membership go to the “About” page on this website.

To include your goats (or sheep) in the sale, or to get more information, call Leah Brown, Ag Director, at 434-476-3066.

All animals must have a scrapie tag and be in good health. Yearling does, bucks and culls will be accepted but with separate pricing. SVMGA reserves the right to reject any animal.

For a copy of the sale registration form, click here.


SVMGA to Host Booth at Farmers’ Market

May 14, 2012

The Halifax Farmer’s Market grand opening will be held June 23rd.  The Farmers’ Market has again invited
SVMGA to host  a booth at the market.

We can have goats, recipes, brochures, products, etc.  This is a great opportunity to expose the public and potential new members to SVMGA.  Hudson Heritage Farms will be selling goat meat again at this year’s market, and Chef Steve Schopen from Molasses Grill will be doing a cooking demonstration at the grand opening.

WE NEED A FEW VOLUNTEERS to help staff the booth, talk with the public, bring brochures and recipes, and help with set up, etc.  Also, if anyone can bring a goat or two to the event it would be great to let the public see what a goat is all about.

If you are interested in helping with this event please contact Denise Hudson at 434-753-9327 or


Grand Champion Comes From SVMGA Family

May 6, 2012

When Jerry was crowned Grand Champion market goat in this year’s Halifax County Livestock Show, it was no surprise to his “parents,” SVMGA members Fred and Beth Blackburn.  They knew Jerry was destined for fame from the beginning.

The Blackburns, accompanied by two of Fred’s grandchildren, filmed Jerry’s birth in April 2011.  Jerry’s mother, Bumper, was born at Strange Farms and found abandoned in the field.  SVMGA icon Ned Strange gave the goat to the Blackburns, who bottle fed the orphan until she matured and eventually became the herd leader.

Jerry’s father, Stewie, was born at Soleil Farm and ultimately found his way to the Blackburns where he sired the champion buck.

Jerry was large and healthy from the start, and the Blackburns had many profitable options for his future.  But they chose a path based on principle, not profit.

“We donated Jerry to FFA [Future Farmers of America] because we believe very strongly in contributing to the interest of future farmers,” said Beth Blackburn. “Many of these kids don’t have the money to buy these animals. If not for this early experience, they may not develop a lifelong interest.”

The Blackburns were a little tentative about losing one of their beloved goats, but once they were put into contact with FFA member Sabrina Covington, their trepidation dissolved.  Covington nurtured Jerry to become a handsome, 130-pound champion.

“From what I heard, he could be seen by anyone driving by their home because he was out in the yard roaming and eating any browse that came along,” said Beth.

Many animals are sold to FFA members so they can be raised and entered in the livestock show.  But the Blackburns feel that farmers have an obligation to support the organization without using it as a profit center.

“This shouldn’t be an avenue to make money,” Beth said. “There is a time to profit, however this is not it. As we see it, giving to FFA is a responsibility of current farmers to keep farming alive and active for future generations to enjoy.”

Beth said the experience was very rewarding for her and Fred.  They were reluctant to receive any publicity, but felt it was important to encourage support of the FFA.

SVMGA is proud of everyone, especially the Blackburns, for their support of the FFA and their contributions to the raising of quality goats like Jerry.