October Farm Tour

There will be an SVMGA farm tour at Country Charm Farm on Saturday, October 29, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Country Charm Farm specializes in the breeding and sale of Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. A miniature dairy goat, the Nigerian Dwarf Goat height standard is less than 24 inches at the withers. But what they lack in size they make up for in personality. They also have a milk fat content that exceeds even their standard goat counterparts.

Farm owners Doug and Lisa Bowen will give visitors a tour of their barn and milk parlor as they discuss the benefits and challenges associated with raising and breeding these lovable little goats. They will also discuss some of the value-added products such as raw milk, cheese, butter,  and of course, goat milk soap. They will also introduce and discuss their livestock guardians: Kamran,  a registered Kangal Dog,  and Daisy, a standard Jerusalem donkey.

The Bowens want your tour to be informative and enjoyable, but most of all, incident free. Country Charm Farm is a working farm. They ask that you not bring pets to the farm. And while the goats are a guaranteed hit with children, they ask that youngsters be kept under close supervision, off equipment and away from fencing (fences are “hot”). They also ask that the animals not be fed and that fingers and loose clothing be closely monitored. Sometimes the goats are a little too friendly. And of course, Country Charm Farm is a No Smoking! environment.

Country Charm Farm is located at 3070 Howard P. Anderson Road, Halifax, VA 24558.

Doug and Lisa Bowen look forward to seeing everyone and hope you have a great time at Country Charm Farm.



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