Marketing Survey & Consignment Sale

September 30, 2010

SVMGA Members:

Please complete the marketing survey posted here, and return it to the Marketing Committee at the next meeting.

The registration form for the upcoming (first or second Monday in November) consignment sale is posted here.



October Farm Tour

September 29, 2010

SVMGA members are invited to a Farm Tour, Saturday, October 23, 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., at Ned and Donna Strange’s farm in Alton. The speaker, Dr. Jeannette A. Moore, Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor and Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator, N.C. State University, College of Ag. and Life Sciences, Department of Animal Science, will talk about 20 minutes and leave ample time for questions. Dr. Moore’s topic will be “What’s Inside a Goat?” with information about the goat rumen, where the digestive tract parts are located and how the GI tract works with various forages. Several members have heard Dr. Moore speak at conferences and believe attendees are in for a really interesting program. Following the talk, members can see the barn-on-a-budget set-up the Stranges use to work their Boer goats. In case of rain, the talk will be held at the Halifax County Ag. Center, same time, etc.

Directions to the Strange’s farm in Alton:

If driving from Halifax, South Boston, Clarksville, etc., take US Hwy #58W as if to Danville. Drive approximately 6.1 miles and turn left onto Cedar Grove Road (Rt. 708) and proceed 2.8 miles (past the Cedar Grove Methodist Church),

then turn right on to Blane’s Mill Lane (Rt. 709). The Stranges are the second home on the left.

If driving from Roxboro, Virgilina or Cluster Springs, take 501N to Cluster Springs. Turn left (across from the Patrick Henry Boys Home) onto Black Walnut Church Road (Rt. 704).   You will pass the Cluster Springs Fire Department, Black Walnut Church and cross a railroad before coming to Cluster Springs Road (Rt. 658) about .4 mile. Turn left onto Cluster Springs Road (Rt. 658), staying on this for about 3 ½ miles. Turn right onto Cedar Grove Road (Rt. 708) and go approximately 1 mile. Turn left onto Blane’s Mill Lane (Rt. 709, a gravel road), and the Stranges are the second house on the left.

If coming from Danville or Turbeville, travel US Hwy # 58E and about 4 miles past Turbeville, turn right onto Cedar Grove Road (Rt. 708), and proceed 2.8 miles (past the Cedar Grove Methodist Church), then turn right onto Blane’s Mill Lane (Rt. 709). The Stranges are the second home on the left.

Note: Strange Farms is working establishment filled with large animals, lots of farm equipment and several guardian dogs.  Please, do not bring pets on the farm tour, and ensure that minors and city folk are adequately supervised to ensure their safety.


Meat Goat Performance Test

September 26, 2010

Every year the Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test is performed at the University of Maryland’s Western Maryland Research & Education Center in Keedysville, MD. The purpose of the test is to evaluate the performance of meat goats consuming a pasture-only diet, with natural exposure to internal parasites, primarily Haemonchus contortus (the barber pole worm).

One of SVMGA member John Smith’s Kiko bucks tied for second highest rate-of-gain and another finished with an above average rate-of-gain.

The test evaluates performance, not looks.

“A central performance test is where animals from different herds are brought to one central location where performance is recorded. The rationale is that observed differences are more likely due to genetic differences, which will be passed onto offspring, rather than environmental differences, which will not be passed onto offspring. The goal of a central performance test is to identify genetic differences among animals.” (Dr. Dan Waldron, Texas A&M University)

The Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Blog is here.

The Meat Goat Performance Test results are here.

The Meat Goat Performance Test evaluation is here.

Thanks to John Smith of Caprine Genetics for this information.


Dr. Dewey Adams in the News

September 23, 2010

Esteemed SVMGA member Dr. Dewey Adams was featured in the 9-22 edition of The Gazette-Virginian.

Dr. Dewey Adams, esteemed SVMGA member


Newsletter/Minutes Posted

September 13, 2010

The September SVMGA newsletter and the minutes from the August meeting have been posted.  Go to the Newsletters page or click here to view.


Panel to Discuss Guardian Animals

September 10, 2010

SVMGA members Doug Bowen, Scott Earhart, Jason Gessaman, Allen Layton, John Smith and Anthony Williams will discuss their experiences with guardian animals during the Thursday, September 23, 7 p.m. meeting at the Halifax County Agriculture Center.

They’ll explain how to select and/or train a guard dog, donkey or llama to protect your stock; what to feed your guardian animal; whether one, a pair of animals or a combination of guardians will work for your farming arrangement; and give breeding suggestions.  Members are encouraged to ask questions, too.

This should be a most informative meeting!


Assisted Reproductive Technologies Field Day

September 9, 2010

Caprine Genetics will host an Assisted Reproductive Technologies Field Day on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 25110 Elmwood Drive, Petersburg, VA.

There will be a buck collection, laparoscopic artificial insemination (AI) on select does and AI classes for producers.  A goat lunch will be available for all participants.

Please contact John Smith at Caprine Genetics, 804-731-8512, by 9-15-10 if you wish to participate.

For more information, view the field day flyer here.