Membership Roster Online

At the July business meeting, the SVMGA membership voted to post an association roster on this website.  The purpose of posting the roster is twofold: SVMGA members will now have an easy resource to identify and contact fellow goat producers in their area, and potential meat goat buyers will be able to contact SVMGA members directly.

There were three fundamental options presented to the membership:

1) Posting the roster in a secure PDF format on an “open” page.  Using the secure PDF format precludes web bots from mining data from the document and no one can digitally cut-and-paste information from the document.  However, it will still be available to anyone on the Internet to view and print.

2) Posting the roster on a password-protected page.  Utilizing the current, free platform, the only way to do this is to create a page with a single password that would be issued to all members.

3) Upgrading the website and paying for web hosting that would enable each member to create their own username and password.  This option would also require a new webmaster, since the current one has no interest in performing the work required to make this option work.

The membership chose option one, with the published roster to include each member’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address.  By default, we will not be publishing cell phone numbers.  The membership made it clear that any member who wants part or all of their information removed from the published roster can do so by contacting the webmaster.

Also, several hard copies of the complete roster will be available at each business meeting for members who would like a copy.

The SVMGA membership roster will be posted on the Farms page by mid August.  If you want any or all of your information removed, please contact the webmaster at



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